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River Heights

Incumbent since 1999

Jon gerrard

party leader

Jon Gerrard incumbent

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Political Party: Liberal

Phone: (204) 272-0815

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Writ dropped for Manitoba election Oct. 4; Premier Selinger faces 1st real test

Tuesday, 06 September 2011

Global Winnipeg - All three parties hit the hustings in earnest last week. The NDP currently holds 36 seats in the 57-seat legislature, Hugh McFadyen's Tories have 18 and Liberal Leader Jon Gerrard holds the one seat for his party.

Treating $1.9 billion simplistically

Tuesday, 06 September 2011

Winnipeg Free Press (blog) - Liberal leader Dr. Jon Gerrard is saying that, and Tory leader Hugh McFadyen has set it as a goal. Premier Greg Selinger says the NDP has long exceeded 80 per cent, but his reckoning tosses capital funding, the property tax credit, the farmland tax ...

After 13 years, Manitoba Liberal Leader Jon Gerrard back to party of one

Tuesday, 06 September 2011

Global Winnipeg - As he gets ready to enter his fourth election campaign as Manitoba Liberal leader, Jon Gerrard must know the feeling. Leader since 1998, he's still standing. But once again he's back to where he started - as a party of one. Not that he really got that ...

Provincial election campaign officially begins today

Tuesday, 06 September 2011

Global Winnipeg - The Liberals under Dr. Jon Gerrard also kicked off their campaign with an appearance by Liberal star MP Justin Trudeau, and a promise to allow more shopping hours on Sundays. The NDP will begin the official phase of the election campaign later Tuesday ...

Campaign begins officially at 10:30 am

Tuesday, 06 September 2011

Brandon Sun - The details will be announced at Leicester Square Playground in St. James at 2 pm Liberal leader Jon Gerrard is also announcing a community safety plan at Northwood Community Centre in the North End at 10:30 am after having coffee at an area Robin's ...

Writ dropped for Manitoba election Oct. 4; Premier Selinger faces 1st real test

Tuesday, 06 September 2011

Global Winnipeg - The NDP currently holds 36 seats in the 57-seat legislature, Hugh McFadyen's Tories have 18 and Liberal Leader Jon Gerrard holds the lone seat for his party. The election will be the first real test of Selinger's popularity. ...

Election campaign officially underway

Tuesday, 06 September 2011

CJOB - Liberal leader Jon Gerrard is suggesting that one way to fight crime is to beef up community centres. Gerrard says Liberal candidates in the provincial election will push for $4.6 million more for recreational programs. The NDP is holding a rally next ...

Liberals make play to keep kids out of gangs

Tuesday, 06 September 2011

Winnipeg Sun - Manitoba Liberal leader Jon Gerrard says Manitobans want the freedom to shop on Sundays. (JASON HALSTEAD/Winnipeg Sun files) Liberal leader Jon Gerrard says inner-city MLAs haven't pushed hard enough for better community centre funding — funding that ...

Manitoba Liberal leader says more youth programs would help in crime fight

Tuesday, 06 September 2011

Winnipeg Free Press - Jon Gerrard says Liberal candidates in the provincial election will push for $4.6 million more for recreational programs. He says the money would support better alternatives for kids who might be tempted by gangs. Gerrard says his plan would focus on ...

Fehler attends Liberal campaign kickoff with Trudeau

Tuesday, 06 September 2011 (blog) - Dr. Jon Gerrard, leader of the party also revealed at the event that if elected the Liberals would pledge to start a Katimivik project here in Manitoba. Katimivik was started by Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Justin's father, as a way of building bridges in ...

Questionnaire Response

Jon Gerrard - River Heights

Why did you decide to run in the 2011 Manitoba election?

I am seeking re-election because in my 13 years in legislature, the need for improvement in our province has never been more vital. Manitoba deserves a strong, honest, determined leader in order to protect our future, the future of our children and that of our children’s children. I am committed to continue using my experience and work ethic as long as it will benefit the province. As a father and a pediatrician who has taught and researched at the University of Manitoba as well as looked after children with cancer, I have seen the problems in health care first-hand and I see a better way forward. With a degree in economics and experience in the federal cabinet, I see how we can better manage the finances of our province to help facilitate job growth, and improve our industries in Manitoba. With long-term experience in dealing with environmental issues, I see a better approach to environmental stewardship in our province. With elected experience at both the federal (4 years) and provincial (13 years) levels of government, I believe I have the background to make a difference for people in Manitoba.

What experience will you bring to compliment your role as MLA?

Along with my 13 years of experience as a MLA for River Heights, I was a Member of Parliament for Portage-Interlake from 1993-1997. During this period I served in the federal cabinet as Minister of Science, Research, and Development as well as Minister of Western Economic Development. I played a major role in advancing the Information Highway and in policy initiatives like the Community Access program to help connect Canadians to the Internet. As Minister of Western Economic Development I strongly supported small businesses and entrepreneurs in Western Canada. I brought forward many initiatives to aid the Community Futures Development Program, including initiatives for Youth Entrepreneurs, for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities, and for mentoring and training business development officers. Additionally, I introduced various approaches to foster innovative businesses in the information technology, environmental technology, and biotechnology.

Is there anything in particular you would like to change in our province? In your electoral division?

I believe there is so much more that must be done in Manitoba to prepare our province for the future. This is why I am seeking re-election. Crime must to be addressed in our community so people feel safe. More programs for youth and seniors are required. Quality education (from early childhood education to post-secondary) is a priority. I believe we must focus on innovative solutions to health care in our province. Wait times for treatment continue to be a problem that I will work to address. Seniors need care so they can live a healthy and affordable lifestyle. They deserve to have more of a voice and be better taken care of whether they live in a personal care home or in their own home. Municipal issues related to infrastructure need to be addressed, as well as our roads demanding major improvements. A water management strategy needs to be put into place. I welcome the opportunity to work with individuals and groups to achieve benefits for all Manitobans.

What is one thing you stand for that is not a part of your political party's platform?

The environmental issues are part of my party’s platform but possibly what the voters don’t know about me is that I deeply care about the environment and I continue to research and write about bald eagles and their habitat.

Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

I have represented River Heights as the MLA in the legislature for 12 years. During this time our Liberal presence in the Legislature, though small, has accomplished numerous victories in the form of improvements for Manitobans. Legislation initiated by myself and Kevin Lamoureux which has passed includes The Apology Act, The Good Samaritan Act, Legislation to provide for 24 hour access to medical records in hospitals and personal care homes, Legislation to improve reporting of medical errors, legislation to facilitate organ donation and legislation to remove phosphorous from automatic dishwasher detergents. In addition, we have promoted many other measures to address poverty, Jordan’s Principle, to improve understanding, diagnosis, prevention, and help for those with FASD, and to improve health and wellness.

What is your favourite location in the electoral division you are currently a candidate for?

My wife and I are River Heights residents and have lived here for many years. I love every part of my community, but one of my favourite things is the arching elm trees on our River Heights streets. I feel they embody the spirit of this wonderful neighbourhood.

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