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Evan maydaniuk

Evan Maydaniuk

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Political Party: Green

Phone: (204) 803-3703

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Monday, 03 October 2011

Winnipeg Free Press - Ruth Bonneville / Winnipeg Free Press CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Manitoba�s youngest MLA hopeful, 18-year-old Green party candidate Evan Maydaniuk; Thompson PC Anita Campbell is aiming to make Manitoba history; the NDP�s Jennifer Howard talked about the ...

Questionnaire Response

Evan Maydaniuk - Rossmere

Why did you decide to run in the 2011 Manitoba election?

I am running because I am tired of the same old politics of the other major parties. I am a strong believer that the Green Party is the best option for Manitobans as it appears to be the only party that is actively thinking about our future. I believe that sustainability is the key to a healthy Manitoba and that includes a long-lasting plan for the economy, healthcare, crime prevention and the environment. I also want to bring a voice the legislative assembly that isn’t often heard, the voice of the young people of Manitoba.

What experience will you bring to compliment your role as MLA?

I have lived my entire life in Rossmere and am fully aware of the struggles that affect the people in my area. Such as growing rate of crime which is endangering the safety of our neighbourhoods. Being a member of the community I know that I can be the strong voice that the people of Rossmere need to speak out for what is important to them.

Is there anything in particular you would like to change in our province? In your electoral division?

In the electoral district of Rossmere one in six children below the age of six live below the poverty line. I cannot begin to comprehend how this possible in a country as developed as Canada. I believe that it is time for a change in government. A legislature controlled by the Green Party of Manitoba would not stand idly by and watch our children live in poverty. I have always been an advocate for social justice therefore I would do everything in my power to fix this embarrassing situation.

What is one thing you stand for that is not a part of your political party's platform?

I find that the Green Party has a well round plan for the majority of issues facing Manitobans. Therefore I wanted to highlight a Green value that means a lot to me as a young person. I would like to see more investment in our youth. This means more after school programs to keep children and teenagers out of gangs. It also means taking a second look at our education system and making sure that every Manitoban has access to the best possible education available.

What is your favourite location in the electoral division you are currently a candidate for?

I would have to say the Fraser Grove Park just off of Kildonan Drive.

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