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Lac du Bonnet

There are 4 candidates in this electoral division. (Candidates are displayed in random order.)

Wayne ewasko

Wayne Ewasko

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Political Party: PC

Phone: (204) 268-8111

Charlett millen

Charlett Millen

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Political Party: Liberal

Phone: (204) 471-8151

Elana spence

Elana Spence

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Political Party: NDP

Phone: (204) 268-6240

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Lac du Bonnet

This constituency is located in eastern Manitoba. The population of the constituency in 2008 was 19,600. The new constituency boundaries no longer include a large portion to the south, which is now a part of La Verendrye. This area was previously represented by Gerald Hawranik (Progressive Conservative Party) who was first elected in 2002.

Daniella Ponticelli, Creative Communications Student, Red River College

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