2011 Manitoba Election Archive

IMPORTANT: The information below is from the 2011 Manitoba Election.

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There are 4 candidates in this electoral division. (Candidates are displayed in random order.)

Steve lupky

Steve Lupky

Election Website

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Political Party: PC

Phone: (204) 376-5726

Tom nevakshonoff

Tom Nevakshonoff incumbent

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Political Party: NDP

Phone: (204) 376-5972

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John Zasitko

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Political Party: Independent


This constituency is located centrally in Manitoba between Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba. The population of the constituency in 2008 was 20,700. The new constituency no longer includes Lundar, St. Laurent, and Oak Point, but does include Inwood, Narcisse, and Chatfield, which were previously in the constituency of Lakeside. This area was previously represented by Tom Nevakshonoff (New Democratic Party) in the Interlake since 1999, and by Ralph Eichler (Progressive Conservative Party) in Lakeside since 2003.

Sara Harrison, Creative Communications Student, Red River College