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IMPORTANT: The information below is from the 2011 Manitoba Election.

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Tyndall Park

There are 4 candidates in this electoral division. (Candidates are displayed in random order.)

Dean koshelanyk

Dean Koshelanyk

Election Website

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Political Party: Green

Phone: (204) 269-3071

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Roldan Sevillano

Election Website

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Political Party: Liberal

Phone: (204) 421-5458

Cris aglugub

Cris Aglugub

Election Website

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News: 11 Related Articles

Political Party: PC

Phone: (204) 272-3252

Ted marcelino

Ted Marcelino

Election Website

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Political Party: NDP

Phone: (204) 632-6866

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Tyndall Park

This constituency is located in the northwest portion of Winnipeg. The population of the constituency in 2008 was 20,900. This is a new constituency created out of parts of Inkster, Wellington and St. James. This area was previously represented by Kevin Lamoureux (Liberal Party) in Inkster since 2003; by Flor Marcelino (New Democratic Party) in Wellington since 2007; and by Bonnie Korzeniowski (New Democratic Party) in St. James since 1999.

Crystal Laderas, Creative Communications Student, Red River College

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