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Frank Komarniski

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Political Party: CPC-M

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Putting their name on the ballot

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Manitoban - The party has five candidates running for a spot in the legislature, Cheryl-Anne Carr for Minto, Lisa Gallagher for Brandon West, Frank Komarniski for Burrows, David Tymoshchuk for Logan, and Darrell Rankin, who is the leader of the Manitoba Communists ...

Questionnaire Response

Frank Komarniski - Burrows

Why did you decide to run in the 2011 Manitoba election?

Our policies would create a fairer society in Manitoba and the time is overdue to end poverty and injustice. We have policies that will work in the Communist Party’s People’s Agenda for Manitoba. We would create thousands of good-paying jobs with a 32 hour work week with no loss in pay and raise the minimum wage to $16.25 an hour. We will give jobs to everyone who wants one, and with all the added wealth we will end poverty. We support full Aboriginal rights, which is different from any other political party. The Communist Party has the best and only good plan to end the terrible conditions and racism experienced by Aboriginal people.

What experience will you bring to compliment your role as MLA?

I am a father of four and an outside City worker for the last 18 years. I have always worked and learned about the need to stick and work together and about getting the job done. I have seen and experienced injustice, things that never should happen, and want to make sure we solve the problem for good. We have great ideas in our party for what should happen right now and we are always working to make them happen, including our long term goal of a socialist society. I will work with everyone to get the job done.

Is there anything in particular you would like to change in our province? In your electoral division?

The main problem is the lack of good-paying jobs for young people and offering them a reason to stay in school, a chance at a better future and a family. We won’t have an economy unless students stay in school. Manitoba has the highest drop out rate in Canada, according to the last census. So instead of hiring expensive truant officers to give fines to poor families, the Communist Party will pay students or families to stay in school. We would start hot breakfast and lunch programs in every school for all students, because the number of children relying on food banks in Winnipeg has gone up 500% since 1997.

In Burrows, the Communist Party would move the CPR tracks north of the City and use the area for affordable, quality housing, recreation and a big park. This would make the North End a more equal part of Winnipeg, not being cut off by the tracks. We will help the City build affordable rapid transit from the North End. We also need more affordable, quality child care centres.

What is one thing you stand for that is not a part of your political party’s platform?

Our platform covers a lot and it fits together. It is really a People’s Agenda. I can’t find anything that is selfish or narrow to complain about. It even says that if we are elected we will refuse to accept an MLA salary that is more than the average worker’s wages and benefits. That sounds fair, and we are not in politics to make money for ourselves.

Do you have any other comments regarding your candidacy?

Change does not have to be slow to end poverty or create jobs, to improve education. It will happen a lot faster when more and more people demand jobs and education between elections. Instead of wage and corporate tax cuts, we need to get more people involved to put people first in Manitoba.

What is your favourite location in the electoral division you are currently a candidate for?

Selkirk Avenue. We need more parks and recreation centres.

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